Friday, April 07, 2006

Wanting a Camera

For some time now, I have been craving for a digital SLR camera.
Yes, craving. The feeling is much akin to wanting a particular type of food at a particular time.
This time, I crave to take pictures again.

I have a film SLR camera. Sadly, the cost of taking many pictures with a film SLR necessarily means having to spend a considerable amount of money for film and developing costs. I don't have such a considerable amount.

I am neither a professional photographer nor an gifted amateur. My fair self-assessment is that of the about 1000 pictures I took in my lifetime, I could say not more than ten are at the most passable. But what the heck, I would like to still take pictures and maybe, as I take snapshots of what's around me, I get to learn how to appreciate God's beauty.

"Why SLR?" someone might ask. Digital point-and-shoot films are not fast enough. Many times, what you want to capture cannot be asked to pose for you, and that split second might spell the difference. My hope is that with a decent enough digital SLR camera, I could capture most of life's candid moments.

I hope that this dream comes into fulfillment soon for moments cannot be asked to rewind and be recaptured.


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