Friday, April 07, 2006

"It's all your fault"

I believe that the one who is most busy pointing fingers at everybody is most probably the cause of the wrong. For one reason or another, admitting that oneself is at fault is a virtue that is most scarce. Maybe the fact that it happened at the beginning of time may be a contributing factor.

Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. When confronted, she did not admit fault but blamed the serpent for it. It is enough of a mistake to disobey God, but to compound it with not admitting that she was at fault in disobeying God was sheer folly. Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, and did the same as Eve. Instead of admitting his fault, he blamed Adam. We can only speculate as what could have happened had only Adam and Eve admitted their fault, asked for forgiveness, and asked for God's mercy right there and then. Had Adam and Eve humbled themselves before the Lord, maybe we're still in Eden.

Our country is in a perceived political, social and economic turmoil. It is my perception as well. The administration is blaming everyone else for these perceived (and in my opinion actual) turmoil. It doesn't attribute to itself any fault. We can only speculate as to what our condition may be now had the administration owed up to it's shortcomings, asked for forgiveness, and humbly asked for true and genuine support. We can only speculate as to what our condition now had the head of such administration admitted her fault, truly and genuinely asked for forgiveness, and asked for the peoples mercy and support. We can only speculate as to how we would be right now had she admitted to her fault and promptly and humbly stepped down


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