Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Because of the Cover

It has always been a great failing of mine
Buying something then "regretting"
Always thinking
That I should have bought the other thing.

Because if I did bought that other thing
I will end up wishing to have bought
What I originally ended up with

Such was the case
Of a recently made purchase
It was love at first site
(As in website)
I immediately got attracted to its form
Not minding much
The features attached

And so I went
Armed with almost enough cash
(Truth be told, I had to borrow the lack)
To many a cellphone stores
And lo and behold, I saw
What I have coveted

Indeed there was a choice
Between one that has more features
Yet I would save more
Even the good saleslady
Recommended the other
But I was not thinking
For I was enamoured
And so the purchase was made

I was happy

Now the happiness is not as much
For I have discovered
That still I feel a lack
Now I seem to think
That I have not purchased much
(Though it indeed cost me)
A better one, though not as good looking
Could have been bought
And I would have in my hands
A thing of more substance
Than that of this one
Which could only boast
Of a really good facade.

But it is the facade that I bought
And it is the facade that I am left with


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