Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Pag-asa-a (with apologies to Ms. Tomas)

The Philippines weather bureau, PAGASA ("hope" in English), has been notorious in mispredicting the weather. When they say that it will rain, you can bet that it will not. When they say that the sun's going to shine, especially during the rainy season, best to bring your umbrella. The good thing is that, since the PAGASA has gained that notoriety, one can still reasonably project the weather, just do the reverse.

Now this is the clincher.

The Department of Education normally uses PAGASA storm warning signals to declare whether or not classes in different levels should be posponed due to inclement weather. Sometimes the President also relies on PAGASA storm warning signals to suspend work in government offices. Now when these two coincides, (PAG-ASA declaring a storm signal of 2 and above and the DepED and/or the Government issue cancellation of classes and suspension of work), leave your umbrellas and raincoats behind and have a picnic, stroll, or just head for the mall.


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