Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Today is Ash Wednesday. Today most Catholics will allow ashes to be placed on their forehead and proudly display it.

More than being the start of Lent, I view Ash Wednesday as a reminder of my being an earthly transient. It is a welcome reminder that my length of stay on this world is a finite number. It is welcome reminder that whatever it is that I have to do in this world, according to His ultimate purpose, I have to find out, and find out quickly. And once it is found to perform it in utmost haste. It is said that "from dust I came, and unto dust I will return". I am once again reminded. To anyone who thinks that he is bodily immortal need only to be reminded of this day. As the priest in his homily aptly said, this ash came from something that was full of life and color, but eventually turned brown and dead.

I will ask for God's Grace.


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