Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Deciding to not live in fear

TODAY I again read a news account of an incident in Saudi Arabia which inadvertedly resulted in the death of two Filipinos and injury to another three.

Whenever I read or hear of these accounts, I dread to look into the names of those Filipinos who ended up as fatalities or injured. I am a nephew of an Overseas Filipino Worker, a brother to another, and a son to yet a third. Though not born out of personal choice, a part of my life is extended to include that oil rich nation in the Middle East.

There was a time that I dread hearing those bad news that originate from that state. Quite understandably, three of those very close to me are there, earning a living for themselves and their families. I dread then.

I do not dread now. I just console myself to the thought that they know the risk they are taking. But more importantly, God protects them there. And it will be as God will will it. I therefore need not be afraid


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