Thursday, June 22, 2006



Our phoneline was just installed. We waited 18 days for it to be connected despite the assurance given by the phone company that it will only take a maximum of 5 days for the line to be connected. And the fact that our house is less than two kilometers from the phone company. You see there were lapses.

The first was when we learned that their records showed that the downpayment has not been remitted. We learned this when the five day period has lapsed when my wife went to the phone company to inquire of it. Of course the downpayment has been made; payment was made at the same time that we applied for the phone line. Corrections were supposedly made. Wrong.

Five days passed and no phone line was installed. Then I received a text message from the phone company stating that the account was ready for downpayment. We suppressed our anger at this point and we politely told them that the downpayment has been made as evidenced by a receipt. Two days later, the line was installed and so now we have the means to access the net from home again.

I am not going to tell you the name of the phone company. There is no need. I only hope that the need to disclose do not arise.


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