Friday, June 23, 2006


It seems that I don't have to wait that long.

In a previous blog entry (Online), I spoke about our recently installed phone line. What I did not say was that the phone line comes with a bundled DSL connection. I posted this entry using an old dial-up account.


Just one day after its installation, the DSL connection does not work. I'm getting a denial of username/password error. After 3 calls to the provider's technical support hotline and, as instructed, countless reset of modem and computer, as well as reboots of their counterpart equipment the line was not fixed. At this point my patience wore off. This after 18 days of waiting (which was supposed to be only 5 days). To top it off, the support engineer even had the gall to tell me that sometimes there are "dirty" phone lines in their system to which our DSL connection may have been connected. As if that should bring me comfort. As if that was my problem.

Our provided is the second biggest phone company in our location. One of their biggest business center is less than two kilometers from our house. Sad to say, it will not be easy to rescind the contract of service as the phone company will insist on the one-year "lockdown" period. Sadder still, an application with a different provider will take a considerable amount of time.

I am not surprised when I here or read news accounts of this company's business losses. It is just to be expected with the kind of service it provides.


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