Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why lawyers should hate (or love depending on which side he or she's on) Superman

I recently watched Superman Returns and the law student in me was not able to resist siding with Lex Luthor in one instant in the movie; that's when Luthor described Superman as having no regard for due process.

I had to agree with Lex Luthor on this one. For all of Superman's boy scout heroism and his attribute of standing for truth and justice, he really has no regard for due process. Law enforcers in the United States when apprehending a suspect need to read him of his so-called Miranda rights. Superman does none of that. Sometimes what Superman would do is lift the suspect up and fly him all the way to jail. Well at least that's what he did to Luthor in the Superman the Movie. It is even not clear whether or not he is authorized to play the role of cop.

Superman has no regard for privacy. He listens to conversations without permission and he uses his X-ray vision to literally see through homes. I don't think finding out what Lois Lane is doing inside her boyfriend's house is an excuse for invasion of privacy.

Well I guess Batman's no better but at least Batman never pretends he's a boy scout hero. Lest I portray myself as a Superman hater, I am not. I just like to point these things out.


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