Friday, June 23, 2006

Why I enrolled in her class

I enrolled in a class handled by the most senior member of faculty. Most of my blockmates of three years enrolled in the other class. I originally enlisted in this other class but come enrolment I changed my mind. Actually I changed my mind back. I changed my mind for the most unacademic reasons, the primary one I admit only now. The secondary reason was that our professor was actually there when the law, which is the subject matter of the class, was being drafted. She was part of the code commission tasked to draft the revision of the old law. That's how senior she is. If she spoke of the intent of the law, it is neither an inference nor an opinion but a matter of fact. She knows because her "intent" is part of it. She speaks in a low voice but everytime she tells us an anecdote regarding the drafting of a particular article or section of the law, I strain my ears and try very hard to hear every word. For me it is like being transported back in time; being part of history by mere proximity. If only I would listen as intently as she explains the nuances of the provisions :)

I spoke of a primary reason and I'll say it now - I see her as a grandmother I never experienced. She does not know it and I am sure that she won't like it. But that's how I see her. She is very funny in her own way. She is strong beneath that frail boby of hers. She is very bright and still very sharp despite her age. Only her body is ravaged by time; surely not her mind. If I can choose a grandmother, I would choose someone like her.


I also have a grandfather figure in the college faculty. But that's for another posting :)


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