Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When Passive Became Active

Extrajudicial killings is an RP issue that just would not die (no pun intended). The simple reason is that it had become an almost weekly occurence. Because of this, the government had to take action. (Hah! The use of the word "had" has a lot of implications.) Mind, however, that it is not the "whole" of government that did take, or at least outlined, a concrete plan of action. It is not the "whole" of government but surprisingly only one of its three branches. The greatest surprise of it all is that it is the Judiciary.

Regarded as the "passive" branch of the government, the judiciary mainly acts when a real and actual controversy is brought upon it so as to decide on an issue brought before it. It seldom acts on its own, or in legalese, motu proprio. Now this issue of exrtrajudicial killings in general was not a issue brought before it. It is the primary concern of the Executive branch whose task is to enforce the law and protect the general public. It is that active part of the government who is supposed to eliminate this problem which should not be a "normal" occcurence in a supposedly democratic society. For the Judiciary, namely the Supreme Court, to actively place its hand on this matter, in my opinion, is statement enough. And when the slumbering giant decided to awaken and decided to speak, then everyone should listen.