Monday, April 30, 2007


The title of this post is the acronym coined by the PR personnel from the names of the senatorial candidates of the two biggest coalitions in this year's RP elections. It was only recently that I got to see the latter in TV ads. I think that the former was coined first and the latter was by means of a reaction. I congratulate those who thought of these. Having such acronyms was such an obvious move that these came out late in the election period. I have to admit I find these acronyms useful. It really allowed me to remember the names of the candidates included therein. Now it is easier to remember who not to vote for this coming election.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

College Graduation

April 24, 2007. This day will be remembered by UP Law Batch 2007 as the day we bade farewell to the College after 4 to 5 years of toil and hard work. Congratulations to us who graduated. My esteem to those who graduated with distinction. My thanks to those who made the 4-year stay worthwhile, fun, and definitely memorable. My thanks to B2007 who welcomed me as in their age group though they always remind me of this . My thanks also to the those who were my teammates in the Office of Legal Aid. It was one heck of an experience.

Law school is an extraordinary experience. I am not talking about the grueling recitations, the tremendous study load, and demanding professors. I am talking about the high school like experience wherein for almost four years, and almost everyday in those years, one attends class with the same people. This would inevitably put an indelible mark in one's bank of memories. I would never forget the seat mates I had in those four years. Literally, they were closest to me. I would always remember the individual personalities of my block mates and the peculiarities of each.

It is the natural course of things that after this event, we will drift apart. To stay as close as when we were students cannot be expected. But each recalling of the shared experience, good or bad, will bring me a smile of reminiscence. Each particular remembrance of law school experience will for a moment bring me to that time when I walked the halls of Malcolm Hall and the people that I happen to share those moments. And these moments may very well give me solace and temporary rest when the rigors of the new life ahead takes its toll on a once law student.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


April 22, 2007. University of the Philippines-Diliman University Graduation day.
After four years of law school.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Posting Drought

Haven't posted much these days. Truth is, I haven't had much material for posting. Also, I acquired a small notebook (the conventional, not the electronic kind) wherein I write most of my thoughts these past few days. It has proved to be more convenient and more fun. Scribbling my thoughts to this small notebook feels more fulfilling than posting it as a blog. I feel that my thoughts flows more freely. I was tempted to say that jotting is better than typing but I realized that they are just different things. There is another reason though. There are just thoughts that are not meant to be read by anyone but myself. Then why right it down? Maybe I just want it to be released from my mind and have it in paper. Maybe I don't want to forget them and I may want it to read later. The reason may not matter.