Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Mahirap pag kumapit
Walang bakunang makapipigil
Napakalalang sakit
Mahirap labanan pag sumapit

Kahit anong lusog mapapatulog
Kahit anong sigla mapapalamya
Walang sinong may gusto
Ngunit pagtanggi'y kayhirap

Biglang dumapo sa akin
Dalawang araw walang nagawa
Sana'y tapos na
Dahil talagang ayoko na

Deciding to not live in fear

TODAY I again read a news account of an incident in Saudi Arabia which inadvertedly resulted in the death of two Filipinos and injury to another three.

Whenever I read or hear of these accounts, I dread to look into the names of those Filipinos who ended up as fatalities or injured. I am a nephew of an Overseas Filipino Worker, a brother to another, and a son to yet a third. Though not born out of personal choice, a part of my life is extended to include that oil rich nation in the Middle East.

There was a time that I dread hearing those bad news that originate from that state. Quite understandably, three of those very close to me are there, earning a living for themselves and their families. I dread then.

I do not dread now. I just console myself to the thought that they know the risk they are taking. But more importantly, God protects them there. And it will be as God will will it. I therefore need not be afraid

Questions 2

Have you felt being old but in reality, as you birth certificate tells you, you're really not?

358 days

Three hundred and fifty eight days.

That was when I posted my last entry.
I even forgot about my username and password for this blog.
It's good that gmail has a very good email search system.

Bought a laptop more than a month ago and it's only now that I am writing here again.

This could very well be the start of my postings again.

I could just hope.