Sunday, June 25, 2006

To keep walking

I walk my road
I have walked long
There is a stretch of road behind me
And there’s a good stretch ahead

The road has many stops
In these stops I linger
Some stops I linger long
Some stops less

I just had a stopover
I stayed for quite a while

I liked it there
I was comfortable
I was useful
I discovered something there
Something very valuable
I gained friends there
We shared the stop together

But I was not there to linger forever
For the road goes on still
It is not with a light heart that I left

I have to walk the remainder of my own road
For it is not finished

Friday, June 23, 2006

Why I enrolled in her class

I enrolled in a class handled by the most senior member of faculty. Most of my blockmates of three years enrolled in the other class. I originally enlisted in this other class but come enrolment I changed my mind. Actually I changed my mind back. I changed my mind for the most unacademic reasons, the primary one I admit only now. The secondary reason was that our professor was actually there when the law, which is the subject matter of the class, was being drafted. She was part of the code commission tasked to draft the revision of the old law. That's how senior she is. If she spoke of the intent of the law, it is neither an inference nor an opinion but a matter of fact. She knows because her "intent" is part of it. She speaks in a low voice but everytime she tells us an anecdote regarding the drafting of a particular article or section of the law, I strain my ears and try very hard to hear every word. For me it is like being transported back in time; being part of history by mere proximity. If only I would listen as intently as she explains the nuances of the provisions :)

I spoke of a primary reason and I'll say it now - I see her as a grandmother I never experienced. She does not know it and I am sure that she won't like it. But that's how I see her. She is very funny in her own way. She is strong beneath that frail boby of hers. She is very bright and still very sharp despite her age. Only her body is ravaged by time; surely not her mind. If I can choose a grandmother, I would choose someone like her.


I also have a grandfather figure in the college faculty. But that's for another posting :)


It seems that I don't have to wait that long.

In a previous blog entry (Online), I spoke about our recently installed phone line. What I did not say was that the phone line comes with a bundled DSL connection. I posted this entry using an old dial-up account.


Just one day after its installation, the DSL connection does not work. I'm getting a denial of username/password error. After 3 calls to the provider's technical support hotline and, as instructed, countless reset of modem and computer, as well as reboots of their counterpart equipment the line was not fixed. At this point my patience wore off. This after 18 days of waiting (which was supposed to be only 5 days). To top it off, the support engineer even had the gall to tell me that sometimes there are "dirty" phone lines in their system to which our DSL connection may have been connected. As if that should bring me comfort. As if that was my problem.

Our provided is the second biggest phone company in our location. One of their biggest business center is less than two kilometers from our house. Sad to say, it will not be easy to rescind the contract of service as the phone company will insist on the one-year "lockdown" period. Sadder still, an application with a different provider will take a considerable amount of time.

I am not surprised when I here or read news accounts of this company's business losses. It is just to be expected with the kind of service it provides.

Thursday, June 22, 2006



Our phoneline was just installed. We waited 18 days for it to be connected despite the assurance given by the phone company that it will only take a maximum of 5 days for the line to be connected. And the fact that our house is less than two kilometers from the phone company. You see there were lapses.

The first was when we learned that their records showed that the downpayment has not been remitted. We learned this when the five day period has lapsed when my wife went to the phone company to inquire of it. Of course the downpayment has been made; payment was made at the same time that we applied for the phone line. Corrections were supposedly made. Wrong.

Five days passed and no phone line was installed. Then I received a text message from the phone company stating that the account was ready for downpayment. We suppressed our anger at this point and we politely told them that the downpayment has been made as evidenced by a receipt. Two days later, the line was installed and so now we have the means to access the net from home again.

I am not going to tell you the name of the phone company. There is no need. I only hope that the need to disclose do not arise.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just Married

I'm back

Hello all. I'm back.

I 've relaxed almost the whole summer break only to be willfuly stressed at the latter part of it. You see I got married :)

It is a new stage in my life. I now embark on a new journey with my wife.