Monday, July 24, 2006

Larong Bata


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why lawyers should hate (or love depending on which side he or she's on) Superman

I recently watched Superman Returns and the law student in me was not able to resist siding with Lex Luthor in one instant in the movie; that's when Luthor described Superman as having no regard for due process.

I had to agree with Lex Luthor on this one. For all of Superman's boy scout heroism and his attribute of standing for truth and justice, he really has no regard for due process. Law enforcers in the United States when apprehending a suspect need to read him of his so-called Miranda rights. Superman does none of that. Sometimes what Superman would do is lift the suspect up and fly him all the way to jail. Well at least that's what he did to Luthor in the Superman the Movie. It is even not clear whether or not he is authorized to play the role of cop.

Superman has no regard for privacy. He listens to conversations without permission and he uses his X-ray vision to literally see through homes. I don't think finding out what Lois Lane is doing inside her boyfriend's house is an excuse for invasion of privacy.

Well I guess Batman's no better but at least Batman never pretends he's a boy scout hero. Lest I portray myself as a Superman hater, I am not. I just like to point these things out.

Monday, July 10, 2006

does not compute

My laptop now has a new lcd monitor.

On June 27, 2006, I had my laptop brought to the shop where I bought it for diagnostics and possibly repair. Then it was brought to the showroom of the company that manufactures and distribute the brand. I bought my laptop on January 25 of the same year. Yes, after five months, my laptop had problems. And great timing at that. It came at the start of this year's term and I have lots of paperwork. Well, I guess I've been expecting it. It was one of the cheapest model available. I needed a laptop but was short of funds. I would say that I gambled on this new brand thinking maybe that it could last. I was proven wrong. Only one laptop model beat this one.

When the laptop was received for checkup, the service personnel said that it would take at least 7 days for it to be fixed. Seven days at least. When I called them two days hence, they told me that the laptop was still under observation, meaning they don't know at that time what was wrong with the unit. Okay I said, but I could get the unit next week. Apparently not. It would take at least seven days as he said and the seven days DOES NOT include weekends; meaning it would actually take at least 9 calendar days for the unit to be fixed. I called again for maybe the fifth day since I brought the unit and the answer I got was that the unit is still "under observation". At this point I got angry. That was a non-answer. Five days have passed and still they don't know what's wrong? I then asked aggressively for the person whom I could talk to regarding the state of my laptop, a definite diagnosis, and a date as to its release. I was redirected to a person but he was not the one who can answer my question as he was not the one in charge of the repair. After repeatedly asking him to give me the number of their service center he finally did. I then called their service center and I was again given the same lines as if reading from a script. "The unit is under observation and it would take at least seven days for it to be fixed." I would not accept that as an answer. After much heated talk, the person finally promised to inform me the next day as to what was wrong with the laptop. To his credit, he did call the next day and I was given an answer. Sometimes people like me only need to know what exactly is going on and not given generic statements. I was calm for the next few days as I acknowledged that the extent of the computer's disrepair is pretty extensive. A few days later I noticed to missed calls top my mobile from the service station. I thought that the laptop is ready for pick-up. To my consternation it was not. The part needed was to be imported and not a single one is available in the entire country. Again only one brand tops this one. The person said that it will take another week for it be here. I asked him when was the order made and apparently, it was about four days since. At that point I realized that I was again being given a generic statement taken from a script. It doesn't take ten days for a thing like that delivered even from abroad. I asked him if he has recently talked to purchasing before giving me such statement. Apparently not as he called me later that day and said that the part is to be ready 3 days hence and can be installed the same day.

It took only 5 months for the laptop to bonker off and it took 13 days for it to be fixed. To be fair, the person whom I talked to kept his promises. He called and informed me of the status of repair. He was polite and very professional. But a five month normal usage time is not enough for computer to bog down and thirteen days of repair is not acceptable. For now, I would not recommend this brand. Have your hard earned money invested in another. The brand may boast itself as "new" and may come a little cheap that established ones but in this case I say if you only have money for this one, go save a little more.